The 1st International Conference on Treatment Options for Non-Recyclable Plastic Waste is now open for abstract submittal for conference presentation and publishing in the conference brochure.

Call for Abstracts Themes of Interest:

1. Non-Recyclable Plastic Waste (NRPW):

  • NRPW generation
  • NRPW definition
  • Economic Incentives for Treatment
  • Regulatory issues and Policy road maps

2. Thermal Treatment Options

  • Incineration with energy recovery
  • Co-processing or Energy Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries
  • Pyrolysis
  • Waste-to-fuel

3. Re-use applications

  • Road basement
  • Building material
  • Other re-use techniques

4. Landfilling/containment/dumping/landfill mining


Submittal Requirements and Guidelines:

1. The file name must have the theme of interest included.

2. Maximum 250 words in the abstract text.

3. Submit your abstract in accordance with the listed topics, giving the program committee a context for evaluating your contribution.

4. In case of multiple authors, please list co-authors at the end of the abstract text.

5. The Program Committee reserves the right to not include abstracts accepted by similar conferences.

6. The Program Committee will nominate “back up” presentations for each topic, to be the first runner-up if one of the presentations is canceled. Authors of back up presentations will receive conference benefits correspondingly to chosen presentations/speakers.

7. A complementary conference fee, including lunches and social events, will be provided for one speaker per abstract/presentation. SINTEF will not cover travel/accommodation expenses.



Submit your abstract with name, your organization and e-mail address below by early 2023. You will receieve a confirmation by e-mail.

Questions can be sent to

Abstract submission